Beef noodle soup gallery

This whole week, Augustine tried her luck at cooking beef noodle soup. This worked out pretty perfectly – I was sick the whole week! Also, I took it as an opportunity to shoots some food photography. I hope you enjoy our beef noodle soup photos!

I shot this my Lumix G9 and the Panasonic Leica 25 mm. I attached my Flashpoint Mini TTL flash and I set up my Godox V850 as an off-camera flash. This was my first time setting up an off camera flash for a shoot. I usually want to get good overhead stills of the ingredients on their own, but some of those photos didn’t turn out that well.

The full album can be found on Flickr. All of the images can be clicked to take you to the photo in the album.

Cubed beef
Cubed beef
Beef simmering in salt, pepper, and brown sugar
Chopped shallot and peeled ginger
Diced onions
Browned cube beef overhead still
Prepping the beef for Thai chili seasoning
Return the the cubed beef in Thai chili to the stock
Simmering the onion, and tomato with the beef
Cloves and szechuan peppers
Star anise and szechuan peppers
Beef noodle soup
…and enjoy!

Food was really yummy with a very intense szechuan pepper flavor! Augustine and I have been cooking a lot lately and we hope to do more photo-shoots while she cooks. It works out really well because I can shoot photos in between taking pictures.