My top food photography in 2018

Sometimes, I wish I take more photos of food. My wife and I love to watch YouTube foodies and look through the shared photos of food coming from our friends. One of my biggest challenges to shooting food is that when I’m hungry, I don’t want to wait to set up a shot! I’ve resigned a little bit to allow myself to use my smartphone to take photos here and there more often just so I can continue building on the album of food photography I currently sit on.

Unfortunately, it’s slim pickings.  I didn’t take very many photographs of my food but I am interested in doing more in 2019.  I was given an Aputure M9 which I think is an amazing little light that could be great for food photography.

Chashu Ramen

Chashu Ramen
Taken on October 20, 2018 using my Lumix G9 and Lumix 25 mm f/1.7

My wife took the weekend to practice making Chashu Ramen. We had tried the week earlier and ended up with a very salty base, unfortunately. This is a overhead still of the second attempt which was much, much better.

This is probably the best shot last year in terms of food photography. It’s a little busy but I believe the other objects around the frame help add to the context of the shot. One of the composition techniques I’ve learned about is using out of frame objects to help draw the audience eyes towards the food. Hopefully I’ll nail this down to the point where I’ll be able to get great compositions even on my smartphone.

View Chashu Ramen in full resolution in Flickr.

Honeymee matcha latte topped with ice cream

Honeymee Matcha Latte topped with ice cream
Taken on September 15, 2018 using my Lumix G9 & Olympus 17 mm f/1.8

I’ve seen a number of Instagram accounts using the simple composition of holding up food while taking a photo. I’ve been trying to recreate the bokeh heavy scenes and this is one of the first shots, and as of now, I think the best shot.

This photo is an important reminder to me. It shows how it important it is to use light as the photographer’s tool. Techniques around bokeh, depth of field, and background separation have there place and I think food photography is one of the places where I’d like to explore this future.

View Honeymee matcha latte topped with ice cream in full resolution on Flickr.

That’s all?

Yep, unfortunately, last year I didn’t take many photographs of food. Which is a shame because food photography is really nice to look back through.

I’ll try harder to remain calm when food hits my table and to photograph it. I’ll also investigate more techniques to taking more pleasing food photographs in 2019.