Top five photos in June 2019

This post and the post for July comes in a little bit late due to some crunch time at work. Despite that though, I didn’t use that as an excuse to leave my camera at home.

At a crossing in Angeles National Forest

Around June, I started up a new hobby – camping. While I have gone car camping, this was the first time going to a hike-in campsite, where amenities like bathrooms and showers will be missing. Landscapes never really interested me, but combine the hardships of hiking and challenges of composing a photo, it brought a new spin to two different hobbies.

Composition-wise, I like the leading lines of this photos. The straight edges of the bridge gets loss into the bright wilderness in the middle.

In terms of technical photography, I am a little upset with the amount of chromatic aberration between the leaves and the bright blue sky. It’s something I noticed in almost all of my photos from the trip, especially with the Panasonic Leica 8-12 mm.

You can view this photo on Flickr here.

Stream scene

While camping, I took the chance to try some long-exposure photography at the stream near our campgrounds. I had a polarizer when I took this photo and used my Panasonic Leica 8-18 mm.

I’m a bit unhappy with the aberrations from that lens, and I’ve learned to bring some of my other glass to get this kind of shots in the future.

New Cayuma Glamping

A little earlier than the hike-in at the Angeles Forest, a few friends went glamping in New Cayuma. It was my first time using a flash in a dedicated photography shoot. Thanks to my friends, I gained first-hand experience in flash-photography. There were a lot of photos to cull, but with each photo, I learned how the different settings of my flash affected the photo.

View this New Cayuma Glamping on Flickr.

Oiler in the orchard

During the roadtrip up to New Cayuma, we passed by some farmlands. I always find the organizational lines of orchards and farms interesting to shoot – but the farms out here had some oddities like silos and pumpjacks. Combined with the beautiful sky, it makes for an interesting photo.

Glamping cabins

During our glamping, we stayed in five different mobile cabin units. While it was overcast that day, it allowed me to take some pretty dramatic photos. While it’s a bit more difficult to photograph the drama with a a moving subject, still shots like this allow me to set a much lower exposure.

View Glamping cabins on Flickr.