Top five photos in March, 2019

Each month, I’ll look back to put together a list of my top five photos for that month.

High contrast doggo

High contrast doggo
High contrast doggo | Olympus PEN-F & 45 mm f/1.8

High contrast doggo has also made it to my all-time top-five list.

This was one of the first photos I snapped using the PEN-F in the monochrome art profile number two. Straight out of the camera, I was pleasantly

This was one of the first photos shot when I picked up the Olympus Pen F. Even just shooting around, I fell in love with the monochrome profile 2 in their creative dial. One thing I hope to learn from the high contrast of this filter is how to use space to compose shots.

This is a photo straight out of the camera. While I do keep some .jpegs if I do some camera to phone to Instagram sharing, this was really the first SOOC picture I fell in love with.

My-top five

Olympus PEN-F

Olympus PEN-F
Olympus PEN-F | Lumix G9 & Panasonic Leica 25 mm

So nice, I had to share it. The PEN-F is a beautiful camera and I don’t think my photography skills are up-to-snuff to really capture its beauty.

I shot this in a bracket exposure and photo-merged the five photos using Photoshop CC. I increase the luminosity and saturation on the red shutter button and tried to keep the contrast high and the shadows a bit lower than usual. I hope it helps emphasize the Olympus badging and shutter button by doing this.

I was using some lighting to get it to look a certain way and shot it on a tripod to keep my shutter speed lower.

Star anise and szechuan peppers
Star anise and szechuan peppers | Lumix G9 & Panasonic Leica 25 mm

This is one of the photos taken during the shoot while my wife cooked beef noodle soup. The images is really simple but I supposed the slight variation in color and tone of the star anize and pepper really brings out the texture of these spices.

I stated in another post that this was shot with an off camera flash, one of the first times I put some effort into this. I’m really excited to shoot more cooking and food in the future! I just bought a box-light setup to really step-up my game.

I find myself starting at the clouds lately
I find myself starting at the clouds lately | Olympus PEN-F & DJI 15 mm

I’ve been staring really longingly at the clouds in the sky lately. In California, we’ve been very lucky to get some much needed rain to alleviate some of the damage done from the past few years of drought. While others have stammered towards the wildflowers, I’ve looked up and really appreciate the clouds and lighting.

Overall, this shot leaves me wanting to try again. I tried to stack an exposure bracket of five shots. It didn’t come out the way I wanted so I hope to give it another shot soon.

Served home-style Vietnamese food
Served home-style Vietnamese food | Olympus PEN-F & Olympus 17 mm f/1.8

One of the things I’ve been doing more is shooting food while eating out with good company. Unfortunately, I once again got carried away – as soon as more food hit our table, I just started stuffing my face, leaving me with this one middling-level photo.

Other months?

This is the first entry to the monthly top-photo series! In the future, I’ll be linking other posts here. Until then, I hope you enjoyed this entry!