Hello and welcome

Hello everyone. Welcome to boni.photo. This is just a humble first post to my photography website. It’s not really meant to be a portfolio to showcase my skills. Instead, I want to talk about photography as a hobby.

I work in the tech industry. I recently watched Matt Granger’s video, What is Photography, Really? I’ve embedded at the bottom of this post but you can also click here to watch it on YouTube. In his opening statement, he points out the over-analytical nature of some careers. This statement really touched me, because it really clarified what draws me to photography. The process of creativity is enjoyable and there are some many ways to the end “moment” of the photo. There’s film or digital. There’ composing or candidate photography. You can take SOOC jpegs or post process raws. In the end, there’s many paths to the final product, and that’s where the creativity comes out.

For a lot of people this is a piece of technology, it’s a piece of hardware, it’s a piece of fantastic engineer. But it’s also a tool that allows us to be creative, an implement that we are able to make use of to become creative.

Matt Granger – What is Photography, Really?

I’m glad to see such a positive outlook on the photography community. I’m lucky enough to never have been exposed to some of the toxicity he was worried about but I’m glad the biggest social influencers in the English speaking world are using their audiences to communicate a positive medicine.