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Top five photos project

Why am I writing lists?

One of my goals for this photography website is to create evolving top five lists. By creating these rankings, I reflect on my photos and learn from the shooting experiences. From there, it helps me set a personal photography goals to dethrone a listed photo by capturing a superior photograph. Last, I want to have fun with photography!

I hope readers can set aside some of the disdain for “top list” articles for a moment to see how important this project is to me personally. I’m not particularly fond of the top-list-clickbait either, but these lists are organized around a particular goal of improving my photography.

If you’ve visited my site before, you’ll notice some lists are permanent pages while others are presented as articles. The pages are meant to be a static target and requires more effort to warrant an edit in the lists. The articles/posts are regular content with the goal of constantly writing and photography, despite mediocre photos over a period of time.


Posts about top photos

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